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Posted on 30th Oct 2018

Tips For Planning Your Next Motorhome Holiday

There are few things in life more exciting than motorhome holidays and enjoying the freedom of the open road. Here are some handy motorhome holiday tips to help you get the most of your time away. 

1. Planning your route

Motorhome holiday routes are quite different from going on holiday by car. Where to stay the first night requires careful thought. Be honest with yourselves – if you’re the kind of people who don’t like getting up early, or like to have a proper sit-down lunch, it’s not going to be very relaxing if you plan a 6am start and a 300-mile journey for the first day. If your destination is right out in the country, down unmarked lanes, plan to arrive while it’s still light. Don’t forget that when you get there, as with all motorhome holidays, you’ve got a bit of setting up to do before you can cook, sleep or shower, and it’s much easier to do any jobs that need doing in daylight. Practical Motorhome and other online magazines have great suggestions for motorhome holidays, including routes, reviews of sites and caravan parks and lots of practical tips too.

2. Tricks of the road

If you’ve got a new motorhome, write the height and weight down and keep it handy. When you see a bridge with a height restriction, you don’t want to be shuffling through papers to check if you can get under it. And be aware, too, of hazards such as overhanging branches. Practice driving and parking using just the wing mirrors – it takes a little getting used to but provides excellent visibility. Many motorhomes also have rear parking mirrors, and the newest ones even have autoparking sensors. Remember to enter corners more slowly and not to brake round the corner. Be at the right speed before you enter it, then accelerate moderately through the bend – that’s when the vehicle is under most control, not when you’re braking.

3. Pack for a rainy day

Of course, we all hope that on our motorhome holidays will have sun every day, but just in case, include some entertainment and games for the inevitable showery interlude. The internet is a huge bonus here, and it’s not a bad idea to save up the latest film release and have it as a DVD or cinema treat if the weather’s bad.

4. Plan different kinds of day trips

It’s great to have all mod cons in a motorhome, but remember that the family are more on top of each other than usual, so to avoid sibling squabbles, build in plenty of day trips. It’s a great idea to take bikes on motorhome holidays so that you can drive somewhere scenic, get a change of scene, and then either go back to the site in the evening or cook out at your chosen spot. The Forestry Commission is very good at providing picnic and barbecue spots. If some of the family are chomping at the bit to hit a big town and go shopping, it’s a good idea to see if there’s a park and ride. Reverse parking on a busy street, even if you can find a space large enough, is stressful and you’re on holiday to relax.

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