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Posted on 30th Oct 2018

Tips for Motorhoming with Children

Many people think that motorhomes aren’t ideal for families, but in reality family motorhome trips are a lot of fun! While it is useful to plan in advance – after all, children tend to get bored quickly – the trip will be a great bonding experience for the whole family. If you’re thinking about taking a family trip in the motorhome, here are some motorhome travel tips.

Keeping children entertained and happy

One of the main things to consider is how to keep the children happy and amused as you drive to your destination. You can do this by packing lots of books, toys and games that the children can play with while you are busy driving or preparing food. It can be useful to buy specific games and toys for the motorhome, as this will make the toys more special to your children, and they will also feel like brand new toys every time you take a trip. There are lots of motorhome travel tips for you to follow, but this is definitely one of the most useful.

Keeping children safe and secure

When it comes to motorhome trips with children, it is very important to make sure the children are safe. While motorhomes don’t present a big risk to your children, it is important to remember to pack any essential medication, such as diabetes medication. You should also prepare a first aid box with plasters, tablets and an ice pack. New motorhomes tend to be fairly safe when compared to used motorhomes, but either way you should take the time to childproof your motorhome to reduce the risk of accidents. Sharp corners, plug sockets and furniture that can easily fall down can all cause problems, but thankfully it is fairly easy to reduce these risks with a little bit of forward thinking.

Planning activities with children

So you’ve child-proofed the motorhome and packed some toys for the journey, but you will also need to plan some activities for your holiday. After all, you and your children will both want to get outside after a few hours in the motorhome. You can download a geocaching app on your phone so that you and your children can explore and look for fun items. This is a great option, as it doesn’t cost anything and it ensures that you will all get lots of exercise. It can also be useful to take your motorhome to a campsite with a playground, as this gives your children the chance to socialise and play with other children at the campsite. One of the most fun motorhome travel tips is to bring an empty scrapbook that you can all fill in together. You and the children can write down everything you did that day, and if you take pictures you can print them off and stick them in the book.

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